The Big Players

Every playground needs a bully. Throwing your weight around looks a bit different in the Occult Underground, but feels just the same.

Stands for The New Inquisition. They’re the occult underground’s new money – they’ve come in hard and with a heavy hand, looking to control and make the world a better place… by any means necessary.

Sect of the Naked Goddess
They revere a skin-flick actress who ascended on videotape. They think she’s the truest thing to happen any time soon, and follow in the Goddess’ footsteps as best they can.

Max Attax
Widespread occult conspiracy connected by the Max Attax forums. Some members of Max Attax are steadily involved in “The Work”, which means that they work at McDonalds and put magickal charges in the food or the Happy Meal toys.

The Sleepers
Mystical secret-police who work on keeping the underground hush-hush. If you start making a fuss, they shut you down with threats or, well, something a lot more final. People are terrified of the Sleepers, and for good reason.

The Big Players

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