Magick, and Related Terrors

Only a bastard expects the world to bend to his whims… which says all you need to know about pretty much every adept ever.

There’s multiple types of adepts, but they all seem to work via intense obsession. Here’s the ones you’ve heard anything about.

Also known as bodybags or chaos mages, entropomancers are crazy folk who test fortune, which gives them power over fortune in return. Harvey Duopolous is a chaos mage.

Most (all?) pornomancers are with the Sect of the Naked Goddess; you don’t know much about them yet.

Cliomancers are also called cobweb farmers or history buffs. Cliomancy is apparently magick based around the stuff that EVERYBODY knows. Popular history, sites of importance, that sort of stuff. Halima Sawalah is a cliomancer.

Dipsomancers are also called boozehounds. They get charged up by getting messed up – the drunker they get, the more powerful they become. Self-destructive? You’re very right. Barney Kubiky is a boozehound.

You haven’t met any avatars yet, but you know they’re not much like adepts.

You’ve heard some stuff about rituals; apparently, anybody with focus and the right disposition can pull them off sometimes. You’ve gotten your hands on the Ritual of Light, but you haven’t figured out how to get the power you need to fire it off. You’ve also met the fruits of an Unspeakable Servant ritual in person.

Magick, and Related Terrors

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