- John Cabot Lodge

Boston Brahmin. Newly Ordained Episcopal Priest. Priest Associate for Pastoral Care at Trinity Copley Church


The Rev. Dr. John Cabot Lodge is the type of man who has a face designed for portraits. With blonde parted hair, and a wizened look, he gives the impression of being 30 going on 65.

He is gracious and friendly, of the sort that has grown up with wealth and knows it, but is of old enough money to know how to act around those without out.

Although at Harvard he was never the smartest person in the room, he was usually the most emotionally aware. Professors and Priests often called him wise beyond his years. John always seemed to know what was going on in the room before anyone else did.

Not ever particularly athletic, John did sports as expected. He did archery competently, but really shined at Aikido, and is a black belt and State Champion.

He speaks Spanish (Castillan) and French fluently, and is picking up Hatian Creole.

He is considered a stellar preacher, able to connect emotionally with people as though they are the only person in the room, even if they are one of five hundred in a congregation. He is also a competent counselor.

He has a deep interest in religious practices that attempt to narrow the barriers between the dead and the living.

Due to the wealth of his family, John is very financially secure. He lives on the second floor of a brownstone on Marlborough street in the Back Bay. His “allowance” (dividends from the company plus trust fund) is around a million and a half dollars a year.


The Rev. Dr. John Cabot Lodge is the fourth son of the senior line of the most Brahmin of the Boston Brahmin families. The value of his family’s holdings is a nine digit number, and the first digit is not a “1.”

Although his family tree includes senators, governors, and even a justice of the Supreme Court, by the latter half of the twentieth century, his family had dipped in prominence. John’s father, Samuel Cabot Lodge, stabilized the family fortunes, and is set to retire soon, leaving the family business to Ellery, the oldest of Samuel’s four children. Samuel’s wife and mother of his four children, Elizabeth Winthrop Lodge, died of pancreatic cancer seven years ago. John’s sister Sarah is a corporate attorney, working for the family firm, and the younger sister Joan is a socialite and philanthropist on the board of the Museum of Fine Arts. Joan’s husband, Antonios Onassis, is a shipping magnate, and rumors swirl around possible financial and commercial ties to countries currently embargoed by the United States.

John went to the Brooks School in North Andover, an Episcopal day school for his primary and secondary education. Although his older siblings went to Exeter, Elizabeth wanted John closer to home. In the top 10% of his class, John went to Harvard (after all, a few of the buildings were named after family members!) for his undergraduate and graduate work, earning his B.A., M.Div., and Th.D., by the age of 30, with a fellowship year spent in West Africa studying the traditions of ancestor worship as they relate to the practiced syncretic Christianity. His Doctoral work was on similar themes, studying immigrant churches and the fluid relationship of the dead to the living.

Recently graduated and ordained, John was called to be Priest Associate at Trinity Copley Church. Widely seen as someone marked for a quick rise within in the church, with smart bets being placed on his gaining bishop within 15 years.

The only smudge on his record is his ex-wife Carla. High school sweethearts, things soured quickly when John decided to enter the priesthood. She emphatically did not want the “job” of minister’s wife, and rebelled through increasingly wild behavior. He knew things were wrong, and hired a Private investigator to follow her. He founded evidence of cheating, which when presented to her, she furiously denied. Lawyers stepped in, and offered her a six figure settlement to be divorced quickly and quietly, and leave the city of Boston forever.

- John Cabot Lodge

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